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​Global Patent Strategy

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Patent Strategy

​Complete patent map plan, comprehensive protection of your products/services from structure, method, user interface, etc., while improving the patent approval rate


Patent Mining

Assist in analyzing the patent strategies of international companies. By standing on the shoulders of giants, you can have a more comprehensive understanding of what kind of technology can be applied for  patents



Patent courses specially designed for business executives and R&D personnel to expand your company's patent awareness and knowledge


Open Source Issue

​Assist enterprises to understand the criteria of open source software licensing and various risk control methods

How can we help ?


Understand Needs

Let you know why you want to apply for a patent, first determine the use and then decide on the strategy. Completely analyze the product, dig out the technical details, protect the overall product with the most complete patent application strategy, and control the budget at the same time.


Competition analysis

Analyze competitors in the market, from the perspective of patents, so that you can have a complete understanding of the entire market. help investors understand the validity of patents and the positioning of their value in the market. 


Design Around

Our team also has experience in software and hardware integrated product development, which can assist companies to design around products from potential competitors, so as to ensure product assets

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