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Our Team


Our team has served HTC, Hon Hai and other international companies in the past, and has many years of experience in planning world-class patent application strategies and handling US/China patent lawsuits.

We have extensive practical experience in patent analysis, infringement, proof, Discovery procedures, and Deposition, etc. We can assist you in assessing the overall risks and costs at the early stage of international patent affairs, and provide the most comprehensive services from patent application to patent litigation. Correct assessment and strategy.

Donald Hsu

BD Manager

​Industry experience

  • HTC Chief Patent Engineer 

  • Shengda Technology Patent Director

  • Master of Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University

  • Responsible for patent filing strategy and litigation strategy at HTC. Experienced in internationally renowned patent litigation cases such as Apple and Nokia v HTC, as well as handling counterfeit trademark strategies.

  • Fund a startup to develop smart IoT products and a VR platform. Familiar with product development, fundraising and startup ecosystem.



  • Patent application mining

  • Patent Risk Assessment

  • Legal related resources

  • Linking government resources

  • product development design

Patrick Tsai

Senior Manager​

Industry experience​

  • HTC Senior Patent Manager

  • Head of Patent, FIH BU

  • Practical experience of HTC and FIH, experienced patent litigation between HTC and APPLE, responsible for cases and actually attend in court

  • Served as BU patent director, and coordinated multiple patent projects at FIH

  • Assist the investment department in evaluating the patent value. Have considerable experience in various practices in the field of patents, especially know the practical experience of patent litigation in the United States


  • Professional English translation

  • Patent defense analysis

  • Litigation Strategy Process

  • Enterprise Patent Evaluation


Our Clients

Abstract Lines

Patent application

  • Mobile phone patent analysis

  • Smart Medical Patent Map Production and Analysis

  • VR patent map production and analysis

  • Mobile phone structure and process patent application

  • Software and hardware integration system patent application

  • Market patent analysis and layout

Product Development

  • Lovenuts intelligent massager product development and sales

  • Pandora VR platform development 

  • Development and sales of UVCat ultraviolet light sterilizer

  • Lovenuts software and hardware integration patent application

  • Patnotes patent platform development

Litigation and Analysis

  • Nokia v. HTC_885

  • Azure Networks v. HTC

  • Touchscreen v. HTC


  • ELAN v Apple

  • TPK v. Wintek

Patent Map

  • Liquidmetal

  • Cypress

  • Graftech

  • ADAS 

  • NIKE 

  • Keronite

  • Eyelock

  • Samsung

  • Metal Housing Design

  • Connector

  • Cover glass virtual key

  • Sapphire crytal

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